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After being in the legal field for a few years, I am consulting other process servers, and starting a golf company. In the meantime I wish to convert my blog into a book so that women will know about this career.

Friday, July 15, 2011


Process Servers Get Sued

    Over the years I have seen different Process Serving companies sued for wrongly signing Proofs of Service -under penalty of perjury- when the defendant was actually not served or the process server did not follow the law requiring specific due diligence requirements. This kind of fraud ruins peoples lives.

    Below are a couple of articles regarding process serving companies being sued. Before you venture out into being a process server, you need to be honest with yourself. If you can be susceptible to committing fraud and lying when times are rough financially or you get paid only by the piece, then this is a perfect example of "quit your day job" and move on. These lying "process servers" give all of us a bad name which then can lead to undue regulation by the government.

    To keep up on the latest laws and legislation regarding process servers join the National Association of Process Servers and visit their website often.




Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Always take a vacation, go to Las Vegas and play golf. One thing about this business is that sometimes there is a lot of pressure and seemingly unattainable tasks (even though you always come through). It's natural to always be worried about the clients and the bottom line. There is no employer to look after you so you must promise yourself to take a vacation twice a year.