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After being in the legal field for a few years, I am consulting other process servers, and starting a golf company. In the meantime I wish to convert my blog into a book so that women will know about this career.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Welcome to Legwork!

This blog post is a quick note on what you need to do to become a PI or Process Server in California.

Please read the two links below for requirements to be a private investigator or process server in California. I am referring you to these links so you get it straight from these agencies and not from my memory.



In my opinion the fastest way to get your private investigators license is to become an employee for a PI or Insurance Company as an adjustor, and at the same time work towards getting your degree in Criminal Justice.

To become a process server, you don't need to show experience to obtain a license but I would work for a well establish process serving company before going out on your own.

Throughout my blog I am posting actual true stories of cases I have worked on, and then other short posts of successful actions that you really need to apply if you want to have a successful attorney service business.

If you are in a Criminal Justice, Paralegal or Legal Assistant program currently, and you'd like me to come and speak with your class about this blog or career, you can contact me directly at Christi@legworkpi.com. I have spoken to legal secretary groups and they have found this to be valuable information as well as entertaining.

Enjoy the case stories and please make a comment at the end. Thanks!