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After being in the legal field for a few years, I am consulting other process servers, and starting a golf company. In the meantime I wish to convert my blog into a book so that women will know about this career.

Friday, April 1, 2011


The company of LEGWORK performs the following functions:

Process Servers
Court Filings
Deposition Officers
Trial and Document Subpoena Preparation and Production
Trial Preparation Assistance 

LEGWORK means active physical work (as in gathering information) that forms the basis of more creative or mentally exacting tasks resulting in locating and effecting service of process for attorneys, insurance companies and claims adjustors all over the US.

Since 1997, Legwork is unique in it's use of trade secrets as well as experience and knowledge regarding all California laws pertaining to locating and serving defendant's or witnesses for trial, executing subpoenas for personal appearance of witnesses for trial preparation as well as finding those defendants/witnesses who don't want to be found or served.


  • For you to enjoy reading some interesting cases LEGWORK has worked on.
  • To educate the legal industry on how being a maverick can result in effective service of process.
  • To use this as a blog as a resource for women looking for a career in this field. 
  • To eventually publish a book on all these stories.

 Mission Statement: Attitude Free, Drug Free and Sanction Free



Former Professions:  Flight attendant and Medevac Crew - US NAVY
                               Flight Attendant - US AIRWAYS

Born:                       Christmas Day

Status:                     Single

Hobbies:                  Avid Golfer and Writing

Children:                  Eric Losh - Professional Golfer and Jake Losh -
                                                         Masters, Economics, UC Davis 

Direct: (916) 761-1299
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