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Thursday, September 15, 2011


    I receive many calls from women asking me to do a background check on a guy they are currently "dating". As much as I love to help, here's a bit of information to save you some time, money and a broken heart.

    Take note: the fact that you are even asking me to do a background check in the first place, you already have your answer - don't date him. 

    A sane relationship is simple and easy with no red flags to check out or worry about, so if a woman doubts anything about her man, dump him.

    If you still want a background check done, first read, He's Just Not That Into You, by Greg Behrendt (at all bookstores or on-line, easy to read)

    Second, if you read the book and still want a background check done, be honest with yourself and ask "Do I need this drama?".

    Thirdly, if you still are not satisfied, call me and I will help you, I do not judge. But you must know, every male I have checked out for you fabulous women has turned out to be exactly what you thought...they are either married, a scam artist or a con or have a criminal record.

    Males that didn't fall under the above but are still suspicious or acting weird are covered in the book I mentioned above. A must read.


  1. I should also point out that you can glean a lot of good information about a person by typing their name into a search engine (like Google) or searching through the various social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google+/Buzz, etc.). You've probably already done this...

    1. Thanks Jake, I hope more and more woman do this!

  2. Yeah... I agree! Don't date someone who you feel needs a background check! Yeowza!